The Power of Plants

Any Pinterest board will tell you how plants can transform your rather sad looking flat into a high end, sexy pad that will wow any person who steps foot into your threshold. But you maybe wondering, how do YOU do it? How do you grow yourself an army of plants to fight the masses? Well its rather simple, start slow.

There are a few basic plants which are almost impossible to kill. You may be thinking to yourself, I bet I could kill it and the short answer might be yes. But if you dedicate ten minutes to it a week, you’ll find that the plants love you as much as you love them and you won’t have a mass burial on your hands.

 For example, start with a cactus if you are super concerned. You can buy these relatively cheap from a supermarket, look after it, water once a month and Bob’s your uncle, you have your first plant.

 If you feel super worried about killing an expensive plant, don’t worry, buy another cactus, you can have infinite cactuses until you have the confidence to move up the ladder and that’s ok too.

Move on, pick up a Snake plant. These don’t require much light and you can buy them from your local chain garden centre. Give them a new pot and they will love and grow forever. They are a succulent, require little water but look pretty impressive. Only downside is that they are a little pricier, but in my opinion, totally worth it.

Now we get the tiniest bit harder, the Spider plant. These are very easy and don’t require much to keep them happy and healthy. Repot them into a nice big boy pot and watch them grow like crazy, have babies, and generally look the part of a difficult plant to maintain. Don’t worry about the dying leaves on the bottom, pick them off and you will be right as rain. Not to mention they are pretty cheap and are widely available.

Now you want a bigger plant, a centrepiece to your room. Get a Monstera, also known as the swiss cheese plant. Now these are fantastic, grow like crazy, and are really beautiful. Not to mention they are available at most supermarkets at super cheap prices. These babies love to be root bound so you wont even need a big pot which is a bonus.

The best way to keep your plant babies alive and well is give them a little love, a decent glug of plant food during summer and just be a little bit stingy with the watering. A plant is more likely to die of overwatering than underwatering, so don’t be whipping out the watering can on the daily basis.

Imagine these four plants as your guides into the plant kingdom so to speak, and watch your army grow into a beautiful rainforest in no time. Trust me, your décor has never looked better.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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