A Cheese Board Like No Other

A cheeseboard is a staple dish all over the world, a way to say goodbye, a light snack, a happy red wine boozer. But what if I could tell you that you could take this to the extreme? That you could make a cheeseboard like no other. One that would knock you flying off your feet into the abyss and become the holy grail of cheeseboard people.

It may be a little overwhelming at first – you may question your sanity as you trail through the internet looking for pictures, ideas and a multitude of crackers.

Start with your largest chopping board, the bigger the better as you can really squeeze it all in. If you don’t have a super large board,  don’t worry,  try a serving plate.

The idea is that you need maybe three, four, or five cheeses to build the base. Personally I go for Brie, Camembert, Gouda and goats cheese, maybe even a crumbly cheddar if I am feeling fancy. But you can really choose whatever tickles your fancy when it comes to the board.

Pair it with a good chutney. Personally I prefer a sweet chutney to a vinegary one, so I will choose a plum or fig based example rather than a balsamic based one. This is just because it pairs a bit better with my choice of cheeses, but you can alter it to your taste and cheese options.

The move on to your veggies/fruits. I recommend mini cucumbers, a couple of figs, red grapes  and a couple of pears. The pears I like to slice thin to make pear ‘crackers’ which are the perfect mix of refreshing and sweet. Sprinkle salt flakes and black pepper on your cucumbers to make them more savoury. Trust me –  it’s so good.

Then I always like to add a baguette, sliced thinly, a selection of different flavoured crackers (the more varied the flavour, the better) and some flatbreads. I also like to add walnuts sprinkled around the board just for an extra crunch.

Then it’s time for assembly. I prefer adding veggies and fruit first, adding cheeses around and then finishing with crackers, walnuts and figs. Any white cheeses, break them up with a fancy herb, or a drizzle of honey to add colour. I always add Camembert last as I like to bake it, letting the cheese ooze onto all the different parts of the board. The bread I tend to put separately to avoid it filling up too fast, maybe in a little bowl or a smaller chopping board.

Pair with a classic red wine and hey presto, you have an easy gourmet cheese board ready to impress your in-laws, your closest friends, grandparents, heck, even your dog will be wondering how you got this fancy. I know mine are.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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