House of Horrors: Top 5 Halloween Night Viewings

Stuck at home for Halloween and wanting to get into the spirit? Elsa Rivera’s got you covered. In fear.


All around great scary movie, builds suspense and definitely has some shock factors in there. Who knew the guy from Naked Brothers’ Band was such a good actor?? I love when you start figuring stuff out and piecing little bits of foreshadowing together. 


11/10, Lupita has my whole heart. Definitely spooky and love watching the little twists and turns. Plus, one point because I can’t listen to, “I got 5 on it” without thinking my tethered person is about to snatch me up. Did the trick.

Get Out

another win from Jordan Peele, definitely a psychological movie with lots of social commentary. Pretty dang creepy and has some good twists and turns.

The Haunting Of Hill house (adapted show)

Currently watching on Netflix and it’s pretty addictive. Not super scary so nearly anyone could watch it. Interesting how it cuts between past and present to give you li’l bits of info to slowly figure out what happened.

Train to Busan

Not a fan of zombies but this is the exception. Makes you think about what you would do in the situation. Also, you can’t just pull the estranged daughter card and expect me not to cry…

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