World Thrifting Day Haul

Sustainability series: Thrifting Haul – How to Find the best pieces at your local charity shop

So, you want to shop more sustainably but don’t know where to start? I feel you. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with reusable items and the costs that come with them. But let me take you on a journey of sustainability, where you can make little changes that will help you become more environmentally conscious in your decision making and shopping.

This edition comes to you on world thrifting day, so it’s only fitting that I talk about the art of thrifting, both of clothing and of furniture to make both your wardrobe and household a little bit more sustainable.

I’m not saying that you have to stop shopping at your favourite branded stores. You can move slowly if you want. Personally, I find it difficult to thrift trousers so I do tend to buy those new so that they will fit me properly. I just try and buy from sustainable brands; you’re not always going to be able to get the eco-friendly option.

However, swapping out your tops, or your jumpers can often mean that you get super cute clothes with literally half the price tag all whilst helping the environment. Break up with your fast fashion addiction and become trendy, individual and very inspiring by moving out of the box.

So, where to start. I personally always start in the mens section, mainly to see if they have any oversized jumpers, funky printed shirts or quirky graphic tees. But saying that, the women’s section can be home to pretty, girly items like cute skirts, soft cardigans and cosy fitted knitwear.

Looking around every charity shop it felt like Scotland had to offer, I found…

This super cute sweater vest, very ‘in’ at the moment and cosy with an oversized feel. Style with a top underneath for added warmth, or on its own. Layer with gold jewellery and you have a super cute look. Found in the men’s section but is perfect to follow fashion.

Photo Credit: Heather Dalgleish

The biggest comfiest coat of all time. Super fluffy, well insulted and so cosy for the colder months. Style on top of literally anything cute for a nice layering with a thick woolly scarf and you’ve got a look. Again, labelled under male coats but can be worn by anyone.

This crazy printed sequin shirt which I may have bought for after corona is over and we can go clubbing again. But in the meantime, style tucked into jeans with layered silver jewellery and feel straight out of an eighties movie.

Keeping up with women’s clothes comes this cute 70s striped top, just a super good staple to stay in your wardrobe.

This super cottage-core cardigan with sunflowers and lots of cute patterns. A super sweet cardigan that could be paired with a white top, flowy trousers and boots for a pretty autumn look.

And finally, this incredible argyle sweater, again very in fashion: style with oversized trousers and hair in clips for a cute stylish combination perfect for autumn.

So next time you think about heading to your local retailors for the latest fashion fix, consider looking through your charity shops, you never know what affordable items will fit the bill.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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