Best Trailing Plants

Featured Image Credit: Heather Dalgleish

So, you want to hop on the trend and have plants that trail throughout your home, but you’re overwhelmed with choice and not sure what to opt for. I feel you on that one. The world of plants is daunting – but there’s nothing better than a trailing plant to frame your space. Hanging plants are useful to provide privacy and generally look very impressive sitting proudly in your window. So, without further ado, here are the best hanging plants to add to your collection.

Devils Ivy (Pathos)

A really beautiful plant and one with rapid growth – buy it small and watch it trail.  Mine has grown over a metre since I originally bought it and I can’t see it stopping. It’s a form of ivy, which means it pretty much grows with little involvement and is hard to kill. Plus, it has lots of little nodes, meaning it’s very easy to make new plants off.

Monstera Monkey Leaf

This plant actually surprised me on how much it trailed, it changed from a stagnant upright plant to my second longest. This one has the unique leaves of a miniature monstera, but with a higher concentration of new growth. This one I thought I’d lost last year after some terrible plant advice, but it fought through the pain and resurrected, which to me is a plant worth keeping. Again, it has lots of nodes, meaning you’ll be able to make extra plants in no time. 

Fishbone Cactus

This one is a really interesting, wiggly plant that loves to spread out and hang. As it is a cactus, this one has slow growth and doesn’t require much water – this makes it a good plant for those who are prone to killing more needy plants. But don’t be put off by it being a succulent, it really is a beautiful plant with a lot of personality. 

Trailing Jade

This plant was on my bucket list for its simplistic, but really pretty, rounded leaves and trailing stems. This one doesn’t grow quite as quickly or trail as long as the others, but it is a really beautiful plant to keep in your window. The plant grows in all directions and is really easy to care for, plus, minimal watering is perfect for this low light plant. Having one healthy plant around can help the others along, just watch out for bugs – a sticky plant like a Venus flytrap will help stave off the flies if they arrive.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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