Two thousand and twenty has been a roller-coaster of a year, but Christmas is certainly not cancelled. This year more than ever, there is a strong focus on togetherness and appreciation for the small things that spread joy and cheer even if we are apart. It may be a small gathering this year, so why not make it extra special with some Christmas ambiance and décor? Welcome to our guide to decorating this Christmas, the year we stayed home…


Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive or unsustainable.  I’m here to show you how you can create a beautiful scene with many things you can probably gather from around your house. When styling a scene, it’s important to not overcomplicate or cram too much stuff or ‘props’ in. Gather more items than you need and place them all out in front of you so you can clearly see everything you have to work with. When doing this, don’t just think about colour, you’ll get better results by also considering just as important factors such as shape, form and texture. The most important thing is to have fun and be experimental and if you’re stuck, I always resort back to the trusty rule of three.

Three: The Magic Combination

One may make a space look empty or the object look lonely. Five may be overwhelming. Why three? The rule of three isn’t just in almost all aspects of design from editorial to interiors, it also spans across so many other subjects from literature to maths. In interiors we relate this best to the principle of Feng Shui which teaches to arrange pieces within space in order to create a balance or harmony of energy between the individual and their natural surroundings. Feng Shui states that odd numbers create greater energy in a space than even numbers, which contract energy. A space or arrangement that successfully uses the rule of three will look more balanced, more relaxing on the eye and will also feel much larger than it actually is.


Being appreciative and making the most of what we have at home is more important than ever and can give you beautiful organic results for your seasonal styling. Here are two ideas I used to give you some inspiration for sustainable crafting!

  1. NEWSPAPER STARS: Create a template of your star or other shape and draw onto a sheet of stacked newspapers. Cut around your template taking care to hold the grouped sheets below together. Once cut out, carefully stitch up from the bottom to the top leaving some extra thread to tie into a loop for hanging on your tree!
  2. CARDBOARD CITIES: I  was inspired by the architecture of Stockholm’s old town to create these cut out houses which can add a playful touch to any styling scene. To do this you can use recycled card like I did or find some cardboard from around the house. I found a white paint or chalk pen worked well to decorate the façade of my building, have a play with scale and add your own artistic touch to your building to create a successful result. Cut out your façade and repeat to create the sides and reverse of your building and glue together to construct your final structure.


The big day is here… You may be a pro in the kitchen but are you an Interior Designer? Don’t panic! You can dress up or dress down the décor all you like and still create a beautiful setting for your magical Christmas to unfold. When it comes to the table it’s important to remember practicality. You can create the most extravagant floral centrepiece, but someone needs to be able to pass the gravy along! My top tips are as follows:

  1. FLORAL/FOLIAGE: Dried flowers and fruit are all the rage this year in a bid to bring the outdoors in, so why not bring these to the Christmas table too to add a pop of colour? Alternatively, pick up some foliage whilst out on your daily exercise, these could be placed in vases or laid out along the table to add length to make everyone feel welcome at the table.
  2. WARMTH: Create a welcoming and homely atmosphere with candles. Soft creams and neutrals will go great with almost anything and help relax guests at the table.
  3. TABLE RUNNERS: Table runners can make or break a table setting, use them to your advantage and these will ground your scene and provide a fantastic backdrop to your Christmas dinner. Personally, I love using a simple brown paper roll as this isn’t only sustainable, but it also makes it much less hassle if someone were to spill the red wine!

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