The Girls on Princes Street Make a Gingerbread House

Tis the season to drink mulled wine, bake, sleep and feel all things wintery, but where we all differ in our christmas traditions, there is no better way to bring the holiday spirit then coming together.

The inner Swede in Clara was begging for an extravagant build like no other. A gingerbread house that was so incredible, it would be enough to knock your socks off. Clara is not one to shy from a challenge, but Heather was a little bit apprehensive. Her one horrifying experience saw the gingerbread house collapse catastrophically before her own eyes, killing all those inside. But despite the two quite different aspirations, they both agreed on something essential: one gingerbread house was coming, and it was coming soon. 

After scrolling through pinterest for seemingly hours for inspiration, or achievable inspiration, we’d met our match. We had decided on a gingerbread greenhouse, with built- in fairy lights and little glass windows. It’d looked ideal online, and pretty easy to create, I mean, what could go wrong. Isn’t that how these stories always start?

We’d been sent the dough over from Sweden, so all it took was for two girls to create a template, a baking strategy for our relatively small oven, a ton of extras and any idea of how to do it. Research was key to success, 

It turned out that you need a thick base for the gingerbread to not be a flimsy, crumbly mess. The best slices were those with more junk in the trunk, but they in comparison were heavier and sort of toppled when trying to glue them into each other. But the fatter slices meant they weren’t all perfect when they came out of the oven. Plus one of us happened to be rather forgetful in some places and some pieces ended up a little on the burnt side. As soon as the decision was made that Heather guarded the oven, that seemed ok too. 

When going onto finding the perfect icing consistency, the two girls also faced a little bit of a challenge. Too thick, too runny and not enough were our biggest contenders. Icing pretty and artsy, as they had seen done on Pinterest, was out of reach, and gluing down the gelatin windows with sugar also proved a threat to the integrity of the house.

Thankfully the two girls on princes street make a good team. What one of them lacks in patience the other makes up for in creativity, and best of all: they never give up. After a few faulty batches of icing and additional burns of melted sugar they could successfully observe a gingerbread house of the finest quality powdered in white sugary snow and surrounded by edible christmas trees. 

Tired, but with a smile on their faces they brought up the camera and pictured what they would later proudly refer to as “their masterpiece”. It might have taken almost a workday to finish this edible creation, but they couldn’t have been prouder. When the pictures were taken, they both yawned while carefully avoiding to look at the big pile of dishes in the kitchen corner. They looked at each other, turned off the lights and said: Let’s go to bed. 

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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