Hangover Cures to Mend a Weary Soul

It’s National Hangover Day, AKA the first day of the new year. We did it, kissed 2020 a fair goodbye and people are likely feeling a little worse for wear this New Year’s Day. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and are likely to be in the same boat. But no need to panic – here are some hangover cures to try and make you feel a bit more alive for the start of 2021.

Water, juice and ibuprofen

The best way to fight against the copious amounts of alcohol swimming throughout your body is hydration and if you can stomach water, I give you every credit. I tend to find myself turned to a sweet cordial to help soothe my soul, pop in a couple of ibuprofen and you’ll start to feel a bit more alive. Hydration helps promote good kidney health and engages your brain. Alcohol leaves you dehydrated so replenishing your lost bodies loss will help no matter what.

Shower and fresh air

Yes, it might be a little harder to get yourself up from your bed but sitting crusty in a post-session hovel isn’t going to miraculously make you feel better. Get out, take a shower, put on fresh clothes or pyjamas and crack a window. This perhaps isn’t as much of a cure as it is just cleaning yourself up a little but really does wonders. If you’re feeling ok, try and go on a light walk, even though sat here typing this, I can only feel the irony.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

This might be a bit self-explanatory, but nothing beats a hangover more than not living through it. After you’ve got the feeling of dread, impending doom and prosecco fuzz under your belt, climb back into your bed and nap off the pain. I guarantee it will make you feel a little bit better after one too many glasses, and at least put you in some sort of form.

Try non salty snacks

This is a hard one, because if you can stomach something to eat the day after, I can guarantee it’s going to be salty, sweet or heavily deep-fried. But again, these products are only set to dehydrate you more and make you feel worse, even if they give you satisfaction in the moment. Try eating something light like toast, or fresh fruit to balance and restore your body’s natural vitamins.

Although in the moment it might feel like the worst pain you have ever had, I guarantee that you had lots of fun the night before and the pain will pass with time. The chances are you will probably lie in bed drinking lots of juice, feeling terrible with an army of fries and endless Netflix to get you out of that funk, and that’s more than ok too.

And if worse comes to the worst, hair of the dog is said to work just dandy if you’re brave enough to stomach it.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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