Places to Visit in Budapest on a Budget

The world doesn’t always have to be an expense, and when we visited Budapest, this was no exception. When I travel, I don’t tend to take masses of money, maybe because I can’t afford to splash out gargantuan £££’s on a trip, or because I don’t tend to fall into tourist traps. So here is a list of free or low budget places to visit in Budapest.

  • Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Churches always tend to be free, and more than likely are crazy beautiful inside – Saint Stephen’s Basilica was a great example. A beautiful square awaits you adorned with pretty cafes, amazing architecture and a stunning church. This place really has tons of side streets to get lost in and means you aren’t spending millions on visiting somewhere so beautiful.

  • Margaret Island

You could take a day trip here with an enormity of stuff to do in this park. Dip your toes into a musical fountain, buy delicious lemonade from a street vendor, visit the small zoo, look at the old monuments and see bits of Hungarian history in this tranquil park. We even managed to catch a bit of a live concert band playing at an outdoor amphitheatre, all free. There’s rose gardens to get pretty pictures, Japanese ponds, this area is truly huge and filled with vibrancy.

  • District I. Kerület (The castle district)

This area is probably the biggest tourist trap there is but is fairly easy to walk up instead of getting the tourist cars that run very infrequently. The district is very beautiful and has so much history just waiting to be seen, not even mentioning the incredible views across the city.

The best way is simply to walk up, and some bits even have a cheeky escalator, to get up to the top and walk down, following the trail which allows you to see so much more. Castle Hill is full of amazing monuments that show the cities rich history. Some parts do require payment to access, but for most you can trail the city walls in picturesque, free peace.

  • The Central Market Hall

Again another free location and excellent to pick up tourist gifts for your friends and family. You could trail around here for hours just simply looking. It’s filled with Hungarian spices, delicious foods and all the best ingredients if you are planning on cooking during your time in Budapest. You can try haggling with the stall holders, but I’m not sure you’d be successful when you only speak English here.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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