My Dream Plant List

Plants are a big part of my household – what better way to finish off houseplant awareness week this 2021 than give a list of my dream plants that I could only wish to own one day? I don’t actually know if me and these plants would genuinely vibe and thrive, but one can only dream that these plants would be excellent features in my home. Some of these I may have had before and unfortunately have passed on, but I do have high hopes for the future.

The String of Dolphins

This fun, quirky plant is part of the string family and looks like little dolphins floating on a vine. Honestly, I just haven’t seen one of these in a plant shop yet, or else I probably would’ve purchased before, but I do hope our paths cross at some point in the future as its easy to care for, interesting to look at and has really original leaves.

ZZ Plant

A plant I still am yet to see in a store, but really pretty full branches. I’ve read this plant tolerates a bit of neglect and has wonderful waxy leaves. Another one I wish was apart of my collection. The plant is a pretty good starter and is hard to kill, looks very luscious with its greenery, there isn’t much more to say then just a beautiful plant.

Spotted Begonia

This one is just a bit of fun, and I realise she can be a little bit needy. Another one I’m yet to see and wouldn’t think of buying until spring/summer as I know I would kill it this winter, but still one I have added to my dream plant list. Spotted leaves, a pop of colour and a bit of personality, sounds like a great plant to me.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma (Mini Monstera)

Don’t be fooled by the nickname, these plants aren’t actually apart of the Monstera family, but were nicknamed as their leaves are quite similar. A really pretty plant, I love that the leaves don’t connect but still form a little shape. I haven’t seen one yet but would definitely snap one up if I ever did come across it. Monstera’s are my weakness so anything that resembles that for sure has a place in my household.

Money Tree

One that I have seen in shops and am just yet to purchase is the money tree. I love the way it wraps around itself and I think these can look and play the part of a bonsai just without the bonsai price tag. I think that 2021 we will definitely unite in plant harmony.

Imperial Green Philodendron

I find it crazy that in my plant collection I am still yet to add a philodendron into the mix, but in my mind, I think its because they are similar looking to that of the rubber plant and I have a few variants of that. But nevertheless, I would love to add one into my plant army, and something about the imperial green really stands out with its glossy leaves, fantastic colours and easy care, there isn’t much to go wrong. It almost resembles a bird of paradise with more colourful stems which I think would be incredible as a house plant.

Trailing Jade

This one is another plant I would snap up in a heartbeat if I saw it. I do now have a similar that I saw (the peperomia hope,) but the trailing jade is always in my mind and is really beautiful. A lot of people say its one of their favourites and I’d have to agree, the trailing jade just screams picturesque cottage kitchen with its subtle hues of green and bulbous leaves. Really one to watch out for if you come across him.

Burros Tail

This one is a plant I had in the past which eventually passed away. We just didn’t connect, and I re-potted him way too early, left him with a clueless housemate, leading to his eventual death, but this plant is just simply beautiful. Like a little man with hair, this plant looks crazy, and I loved having him, but he just wasn’t meant to be. I would love to try again in the future but for now, we said adios.

Variegated Monstera

This one I technically have a leaf from so its not so much that I need one, but I would love eventually to be able to buy a highly variegated plant version, but on a student budget, this isn’t happening anytime soon. Do I really have to say more than that this plant is simply beautiful and is rare as only one in every hundred thousand is variegated. My leaf will suffice for now, but I would love a plant to add to my monstera army.

Let me know down below any of your favourite houseplants, I’d love to know if there are any must haves that I am missing!

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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