5 Sources for Vegan Courses

Craving scrumptious feeding but not knowing how to create what your body’s needing? As we move towards the latter part of this Veganuary, you may be struggling to come up with new ways of prepping your veg. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or trying out a vegan diet for the first time, food-ruts are real and they are as dull as it gets. So to bring back the joy and blessing of a succulent salad dressing, here’s a list of Vegan-Youtubers whose gorgeous creations will make your mouth water and your inspiration overflow. 

  1. Pick Up Limes

This Canadian foodie, creates recipes that are simple enough to make you want to try them on – but advanced enough to make you feel like a masterchef whilst at it. One of my favorite series of hers is the Budget Meals one, where she sticks to ingredients that will not cost you more than £2 per serving. With her videos covering all foods from breakfast to late-night snacks, you will find something to suit the hour no matter when you hop onto her channel!

  1. The Happy Pear

These dudes always make me smile. They just radiate positivity and health – and their Irish-accents are to die for. They are big on veggie burgers, curries and heavier sort of foods – so if you’re craving a big bowl of vegan goodness – head their way! On their website you can also find plenty of dessert recipes, which look – and probably taste – otherworldly. 

  1. Tess Begg

If you’re pairing your vegan diet with a more active lifestyle, this Australian fitness enthusiast’s recipes  may be just what you need. She often creates vlog-styled ‘What I Eat In A Day’-videos, where she goes through her day in meals, interspersed with her workouts and daily happenings. You can tell that she’s a foodie by the look on her face once she tastes her own recipes – and if you try them yourself, that’ll be reconfirmed tenfold. 

  1. Avantgardevegan 

First of all, the aesthetics in this Uk-based chef’s videos are out of this world. Secondly, his recipes, even more so. If you’re planning to surprise your significant other with a homemade, 5-star dinner, or having people over for a fancy meal – this is your man! All the recipes displayed on this channel is proof that a vegan diet can be all but plain and repetitive – if you put in the work.

  1. Nina Montagne 

Each and every single one of the recipes this Youtuber has on her channel, leaves you craving to try them out yourself. They’re nutritious, tasty, wholesome and beautifully displayed. The only reason Nina didn’t make it higher up on this list, is because her frequency of uploading is on the lower front – but whatever she does post, is worth the wait!

These are but a few of the thousands of channels out there – so if you’re ever in need of some food-spiration, know that Youtube has yout back. Now hop on over there and get cooking!

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