The Sustainable Series: Clothing Edition

This is one of those things that I still am yet to perfect to this day and go a hundred percent zero waste, mainly because I’m an utter shopaholic, and that clothing is one of those things that helps me express myself. Or maybe its because I am plus size, and struggle to find plus size sustainable clothing. But I have to stress this enough, its ok to not be perfect.

Clothing is a hassle for literally every girl I know. Whether it be for girls who are tall, short, medium, frumpy or just perfect, clothing just never seems to work. Either you have to size up, size down, and sometimes even those sizes do not fit well.

But there are some small swaps, that you can do, to make your wardrobe more sustainable. Even if it means you still have some stuff new. And even better, be on a budget and look more fashionable than ever.

  • Find a sustainable clothing brand

Yes, some brands you can buy brand new clothes that are eco-friendly. Personal favourites include, Lucy and Yak and Wreath, both UK based brands that work to make a difference by using eco-friendly methods to make the clothes, making limited drops of those outfits, and paying their workers fair and just wages. More and more brands have been delving into the world of eco-friendly outfits, including Asos who are running a recycled clothing drop, and most supermarkets offer drops to recycle clothing with a few too many holes in to donate.

  • Use your clothes till death do you part

This one is fun, that instead of following trends, when you purchase clothes, make sure that they last. This goes for jackets, hats, gloves, you can genuinely use until death or they genuinely have broken beyond repair. Or if you are desperate for a cleaner wardrobe, maybe you don’t fit into the clothes you once did, make sure you donate those clothes to charity shops, so someone else is able to love them as much as you once did.

  • Go thrifting

This is the best and easiest way to find some amazing finds. I recommend visiting a city which has 6-8 different shops to have a rummage, especially if you are picky. I’ve found Zara, Topshop, Calvin Klein and Prada, all in charity shops. But best of all, any fashion trends I guarantee you can find in these shops with a good look around. I’ve found sweater vests, leather jackets, stripes, chunky knits, kitten heels, flared trousers, velvet numbers, silk shirts and little baguette bags. I guarantee if you want a new fashion trend you can easily find them amongst the weird and wonderful in these shops.

  • Break up with fast fashion

I think although some trends are literally to die for in the moment but give it a couple of years and they will be dated, overdone and be on the worst dressed list. You also don’t have to follow every trend that influencers put online, break up with the idea you have to have it all.

If it’s a trend you think you absolutely adore, try finding it second hand. Imagine how it would feel and see if you love it in a couple of weeks. If all this is still pointing in the right direction and you absolutely have no other options of buying it sustainably, give in and just get it. Life can be too short and if you absolutely love it, just go for it. But if you hit the two-week mark and don’t really want it anymore, miss out on it, it’d probably be out of fashion in a month anyway.

I recommend limiting this to around once a year I’ll allow myself to cave in. But I normally always find what I’m looking for at charity shops.

  • Don’t kick yourself too hard

Any swap helps, whatever you can do, then do it. I know it can be especially hard when you are plus size, petite or just have a fun body shape that wont always work for sustainability, but some swaps I guarantee you’ll be able to say goodbye to and feel good about it. See what you can do.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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