January Jams

The new year brings new shots at finding new artists, new music and discovering music that you will love. My new years resolution was to listen to more female artists, mainly because most of the music I am recommended by Spotify is definitely male dominated. So my current playlist is female with a sprinkle of male and in all honesty, I’m loving it. It means I’ve definitely discovered new artists that add a whole lot of flair, sass and excitement, that bring my January playlist up to fantastic standard for the new year.

I also try not to support problematic singers and listen to music that could only be described as a mismatch of indie, rock, classic rock and maybe some pop thrown in there. Plus some of these songs haven’t come out this year, and I think that’s ok too, some older classics always deserve a bit of love. So here are 10 songs, I believe are worth giving a listen.

  1. Get Off, Zuzu

Zuzu, is a Liverpudlian and proud, as she should be – her accent is literally what makes her. All her songs are unique and offer a taste of what a lot of other singers haven’t quite achieved, that you don’t need to change yourself for people to love your music. This song is almost jazzy, with its harmonies, fun disco undertones and it’s just a wonderful song to add to your library. A song to dance around your living room with a glass of white in hand singing at full volume.

  • Man with a Minivan, Danny and Alex

These two have really captured my musical heart with their comedic, quality music that is addictive. I could’ve recommended all of their songs, but chose Man with a Minivan for its preppy, fun vibes that you’ll find yourself singing on repeat.

  • White Rabbit, Jefferson Airplane

I know this one is an oldie, but it’s hundred percent a Goldie. Its moody, psychedelic and reflects its genre fantastically, with marching band crescendos, it’s an intense fantastic song. It’s rockier and is a perfect example of a woman’s voice being used for its full potential, the perfect song when your feeling an intense singalong.

  • The Steps, HAIM

If you are yet to check out HAIM they are a wonderful sibling trio who honestly have everything working for them. Poppy, preppy and exciting, this song is addictive and is always I find myself going back to and will be bringing with me for the rest of the year. Swinging guitars, a rocking melody and kind of like a song you’d hear in a 2000s country music fayre.

  • Happiness in Liquid Form, Alfie Templeton

This song is just happy. Disco-pop and a great dancing song, I hope to hear when clubs reopen. I think a lot of people would appreciate a good happy song, that will bring a smile onto your face and make you feel all kinds of good.

  • Sorcerer, Stevie Nicks

I honestly couldn’t make a playlist without some form of Fleetwood Mac, but as my list of songs left to listen to gets shorter, I find myself looking at their solo careers more, and this song is no exception. Witchy, magical and everything you want from Stevie Nicks vocals. Worth a listen if you haven’t already.

  • Peach, Oscar Scheller

A good form of non-toxic masculinity, this song encompasses the feelings of a guy speaking to his dad, telling him how he feels pretty as a peach. It’s low, grumbly and not for everyone but definitely for me. A fun song that’s good for fighting against gender norms, need I say more?

  • Living Human Girl, The Regrettes

I will vouch for this song till the day I die, a really amazing song for any female who needs empowering. It has everything in it that screams feminism, every lyric is about criticisms that the male gaze has created. A personal favourite ‘I’m not being bossy I’m just stating how I feel and I’m not a bitch for stating what is real.’ A wonderful anthem and a big f*ck you to society’s standards.

  • Old Nudes, Lauran Hibberd

Lauran Hibberd is artist from the Isle of Wight who comes out with banger after banger and old nudes is no exception. Her new stuff is entertaining, has a cursive vocal style and has wonderful fun messages about growing in the UK from weird perspectives. An artist you should definitely check out.

Girl from Mars, Ash

This song is all around happy, talking about him meeting a girl who is as crazy as someone from mars, that is just upbeat, poppy but also has the stereotypical indie undertones that make it a wonderful song.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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