Love your Skin: 10 Products to Improve your Acne

I have always struggled with blemish prone skin, so during the first lockdown I thought let’s try drinking more water and not wearing makeup, so I would be later be able to clear it.  A month passed and I saw no change, this led to me dive deeper into the world of skincare to find both affordable and effective products.

It has taken me months of learning and some trial and error, but my current skin has never looked better. I still get flare ups which can be disheartening but I now feel confident that my current skincare routine can quickly get my skin back on track. So these are my top 10 products that I truly recommend, that will help soothe your acne woes:

  1. La Roche-Posay Soothing Toning Lotion

I use this as my everyday toner twice a day and it quickly gave fantastic results in clearing my blackheads and reducing pore size. Its key ingredient of salicylic acid is known to be one of the best products to help minimise pores, it also contains LHA which is a micro-exfoliant this is less harsh on the skin while it helps to remove dead skin cells and smooth skin.

2. Sand and Sky Pink Clay Pore Refining Face Mask

I have tried many face masks throughout my life, and this was the first one to surprise me with its results. This fast-drying mask requires the smallest amount of product to cover your face and after 10 minutes my skin felt so smooth and my pores were barely visible. This face mask is a must have for skin that feels congested and dull, especially after a day wearing a mask or those hungover mornings, where your skin desperately requires that extra bit of attention.

3. Tropic Smoothing Cleanser

This cleanser is perfect for sensitive and easily irritated skin, its creamy formulation melts away the day’s dirt, makeup and pollution with ease. It also feels super hydrating unlike some cleansers that I’ve tried which left my face feeling dry and over-stripped of natural oils, which is known to make you break out more. It contains natural ingredients like aloe vera to retain moisture and green tea extract which detoxifies your skin. These products have reduced redness and made my skin look brighter and healthier.

4. Polaar Very High Protection SPF50+ Sunscreen Lotion

SPF can be a scary thought for those who suffer from regular breakouts and irritation, most of us are reminded of summer holidays covered in a thick layer of greasy sun cream, a skincare nightmare. This SPF not only provides great protection from the sun rays (which can darken blemishes and reduce collagen) but its lightweight, absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin.

5. The Ordinary Azaelic Acid

I’ve always struggled with stubborn blemishes on my skin which refuse to fade. Skin issues like these tend to take weeks (if not months) to see real improvement which can be disheartening when trying new products. Yet I have found that the azaelic acid has significantly reduced the dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as brightening my skin, much faster than other products.

6. Tropic Rainforest Dew Hydration Serum

This serum has made my skin look so bright and healthy, an essential during bleak winter months. Containing hyaluronic acid to keep your face moisturised and matcha tea extract which reduces redness and soothe flare ups. Its lightweight and not sticky or oily, absorbing quickly into the skin, making my skin immediately looks fresh and revitalised.

7. The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

This chemical exfoliant mask works by removing built-up layers of dead cells and excess oil that can cause dull skin, its preferred to physical exfoliants such as scrubs as these can cause micro-tears and are less effective. This mask only takes 10 minutes (I use it once a week) and it reduced the appearance of blemishes and significantly improved my skins texture. It’s a super affordable product and it only requires a really thin layer, meaning its both long lasting and efficient.

8. The Inkey List Niacinamide

My blemish prone skin was transformed with this serum. It tackles any excess oil or redness that torments those with acne. It also ensures your face doesn’t feel over-stripped due to it containing Hyaluronic Acid which retains moisture and keeps your skin hydrated.

9. CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream

This moisturiser is perfect for sensitive and irritable skin, it feels soothing and doesn’t leave a greasy texture. It contains salicylic acid and lactic acid which gently exfoliate dead cells as well as hydrating and protecting the skins natural barrier. For the price it’s also extremely long lasting (my bottle has been going for 9 months!)

10. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I use this product as a toner a few times a week, especially when my skin is flaring up. As a chemical exfoliant it contains salicylic acid and has anti-inflammatory properties which has helped to reduce my blackheads, blemishes and redness.

I hope this has been helpful to those struggling to find effective skincare products. Of course, everybody’s skin type differs and requires attention in different areas but I’m certain some of these products can help you in some way.

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