Covid Date Ideas: How to Celebrate this Valentines

So either you took the plunge and did a full move in situation with your significant other, or you’re socially distancing, or you are already living together… nonetheless, this COVID valentines deserves perhaps more than any other to be special.

Maybe you can’t go out to a restaurant, order fancy prosecco, and get utterly wasted like every year. But here are some Covid-friendly date ideas, for both those who live with their significant other, and for those who will be looking on through a computer screen.

Some for the socially distanced

Just because you’re behind a camera, doesn’t mean you can’t make it romantic. Order takeout at your addresses, time it perfectly and sit and eat together. Or equally, cook the same meal, and sit and eat over a glass of red. To set the mood, light candles all around, maybe sit in the light of your lamp and get dressed up. Honestly, put on some makeup, or a suit and tie, do your hair and really make it something, even though you are alone.

You could also send each other a little something to open on the night and send it in the post only to be opened in front of the camera. It’d make it a bit more special and give you something to look forward to on the day. Make sure you include a card with a few words, to make sure your partner feels special on the day, even if you aren’t together.

But if a dinner doesn’t tickle your fancy, try watching a movie together, as you can sync the program or movie that you are watching. Snuggle down in a mountain of blankets, create an ambiance and hey presto, you got yourself a pretty awesome date. Get popcorn, beer and your favourite snacks for an extra delicious and affordable touch.

Some for the living in lovers

There are endless of home date possibilities, but if you want to get really fun and creative, nothing beats a home picnic. Move your living room furniture, put down a huge blanket and make a basket full of food and play some romantic music. For extra touch make a heart cake, and cut it using wine glasses.

You can put up fairy lights, get cosy cushions, make fancy dips and fresh food, and you’ve got yourself a hell of a romantic date, guaranteed to make you feel like the main character.

Alternatively, make a fort! The bigger the space the better, shove all of your blankets, and do a random snack hunt, which basically entails going down random aisles with your eyes closed and selecting at random snacks/drinks/mains and make a proper date out of it. Dress up or down, cuddle, play cards and stick on Netflix, or a move that you really have wanted to watch for some time but haven’t got around for it.

Or have a takeout date, where you play rock paper scissors, and the winner chooses the course and the loser pays. You can play this for each round, so starter, main, dessert and drinks, to avoid one person paying for it all, and getting an array of different foods from different places? Delicious and fun.

Or turn your home into a restaurant, equipped with little menus, seating and then cook together for an extra romantic twist. Get super dressed up, have fancy drinks and bring the restaurant experience to you for the perfect valentines from home experience.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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