A Very Eco Valentines

It’s valentine’s day, and society deems it that you must buy your spouse another gift to celebrate your love. But this doesn’t mean you have to buy the whole valentine’s aisle at your local supermarket to show your significant other your love. People aren’t likely to use a giant love heart teddy on a daily basis.

Think when purchasing gifts, that you don’t want those gifts to end up in landfill, even a few months down the line. It may seem easy getting wrapped in the valentine’s day ideas, but after you eventually move past the romantic day, will that person love that gift as much as they did on that day? Think from a perspective that better quality products will last a significant period of time so there wouldn’t be a need to purchase those products again.  

So what do you actually buy that is useful? Think about something that person wants, whether it be something they have talked about or been thinking about getting for a while. Does the gift fulfil a purpose, or will it be something to treasure for a long time?

These gifts are best bought with eco-friendly thoughts in mind, for example, if your spouse needs a new set of gloves since its winter, consider buying from a small business that will add additional care and provide good quality products.

Or say you are looking for jewellery, your partner broke their favourite necklace. Purchase a high quality one, made of a metal that will not rust or deteriorate over time from a good quality, small business than one from a chain that will destroy over time.

Or equally, handmade gifts are the best way to win anyone’s hearts. Fill with pictures, little notes, mini-drawings, and memories, for a gift that is bound to last forever. Making presents to give to your spouse not only will save you a ton of money, but the time, the effort and the love put in will definitely win your partners heart in ways you couldn’t imagine.

As February falls in winter, what better time to gift them a wintery style present. Do they really need a new coat because theirs doesn’t fit quite right? Do they need some good winter shoes to trek through snow, or super thick socks because their feet are so cold. Or maybe they’ve been complaining about not having a scarf to hide from the winter wind. Getting gifts that your partner will find useful and handy will ensure your valentines gift doesn’t end in landfill.

If you are still struggling, think about baking them something delicious and investing more in the time you spend together. Maybe rent a movie they have wanted to watch for a long time, bake them love heart shaped muffins and make them feel special.

Valentine’s day isn’t about buying a bunch of commercialised presents that will later be useless and shoved down the bottom of a drawer. It’s about celebrating the love you share with another person, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, wasteful, the smallest gifts will make that person’s day, even if its something that is more useful.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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