Valentine Lessons from a 13-Year-Old

We often forget that Valentine’s Day is a celebration for every generation. When browsing the hallmark channels we are  oversaturated with what love should mean for adults, but this Valentines I have learned more from the younger ones that surround me.

Valentines in our house was always a family celebration. Somewhere along the line I lost track of this when I started dating people and spending it with them instead. But my mother still religiously sent me a Valentines gift every year. This year I was completely pleasantly surprised when my younger sister had taken it upon herself to provide the gifts this year. We got them before Valentines because in true little sister fashion she couldn’t wait to spoil us. After eating my favourite chocolate bar that she got me I got spoiled in another way: the wisdom of love from the perspective of a thirteen year old.

Handcrafted by said 13-year-old

Spending my first Valentine’s Day single in a few years I had excitedly geared up to watch a movie and drink wine with my best friend. This idea was even more solidified when my sister shared that “your friend has been a better Valentine to you than a boyfriend ever has”. And she has a very good point. To stick with the true cliché I have realised how much more valuable my friends are in my life, and how much longer they will last than any relationship. On the topic of love she had more to share, stating that “love is nice if you have it and it sucks if you don’t, but lucky for you I love you a lot”. I’m lucky indeed.

As for relationships: “Annie it’s like homework, if it goes well it’s a good part of your life but if you try too hard and fail you have wasted time so if it’s not easy just don’t try”. To that I responded that you should actually not stop trying with homework for education purposes, but I suppose her and I are both learning small lessons one at a time.

I’m sitting here watching her and her best friend do their homework (which luckily for them is going well) and hearing them buzz about their Valentines plans with their other 13-year-old friends is very endearing. It’s back to the basics, no interest in any romantic partner, and a card made for every friend telling them how much you love them. It’s a full on Galentines without the booze. When I asked her if she is also giving a card to any special boy this year she didn’t hesitate, firing back with “who likes boys? gals are better.” It’s funny to see how she’s picking up Scottish slang, and I’m secretly kind of glad she’s not busy with boys yet, because this way I can have her to myself for at least another year.

When I asked her if she had any final remarks she hit me with “if they don’t stick with you get another glue”, a simple metaphor that even rhymes: in true pre-teen fashion. Her friend then chimed in with this gem: “Relationships are like the titanic, your friends will be the iceberg that make it sink if they find out he’s not treating you well”. Definitely a more creative approach to ‘bad ships sink’ with your pals having your back. So this year I’m fully inspired by the young ones whose outlook on love and life is refreshing. They truly do provide some of the most original pieces of wisdom in a time of need, and remind you that love from family and friends should be just as fully celebrated.

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