Wine and Dine your Date: Chinese Food Edition

Arguably there isn’t anything quite more romantic than a candlelit dinner for two. A glass of red in hand, a cheeky smile across the table and you have successfully wooed for the night. But what of the expense? The crowded restaurant filled with noisy customers? The look of dread when the cheque arrives?

Cooking for a potential lover can be incredibly successful. Not only do you have the option to illustrate your availability as a domestic goddess but can often allow you to keep that wad of cash securely tightened in your belt.

Date night takes on Chinese food, arguably one of the most popular takeaway option. Despite its relative cheapness, freshly made Chinese food can be much healthier for you and is relatively easy to make.

Starter: Prawn Crackers with a selection of dips

An easy start and a fan favourite. Be extra and buy the prawn crackers you are able to cook in a hot pan of oil, or if you are a little scared of the spitting, evil oil, buy a pack ready made. Pair with a selection of Chinese dips such as hoisin, sweet chilli and soy sauce and you are in for a treat.

Main course: Sweet and Sour

A surprisingly easy dish to make which is sure to ensure your date is wooed to the max. Make the syrup yourself and you are certainly going to make an impression with your date. However, if you are slightly under equipped in the kitchen, a ready-made kit will also do.

Dessert: Fried Banana/ Fortune Cookies

Deep fried banana is a perfect sweet treat at the end of any Chinese meal. Cover the slices of banana in batter before boiling in a pan of hot oil. Or an easy alternative is hit up your local Chinese supermarket and buy a pack of fortune cookies. If you are feeling extra in the moment, remove their fortune and replace it with your own and who knows where the night could take you.

Drink: Tsingtao Beer

Despite being a beer that is not quite as common as your average Bud Light, head to your local Chinese supermarket in search of a pale lager. Maybe unusual, however it surely will be a talking point between you and your date, as well as showing the effort you are to go through.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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