Let Female Film Roles Guide You Through Life

Let’s use the next movie night to watch female leads walk through stages of life!

Here’s a guide on five romantic comedies to help you laugh, cry and sometimes even sing yourself through some of life’s twists and turns that one can encounter.

Pitch Perfect – College

The dream world of college can quickly be turned into a nightmare, but with a happy attitude and some singing even a group of the most different women can unite. This film is all about friendship. How they can be amazing and supportive, but also challenging and hard. Some are worth fighting for and sometimes you might just realize, like the lead Becca, that friends are so much better than being alone. If singing, dancing and cheesiness is your thing then what are you waiting for?

Someone Great – Beginning of Career

This film like so many before it is about a break-up, but it is also about so much more than that. Three best friends who all have three different personalities that affect their friendship. They are in their late twenties going on 30, on their way into proper adulthood, which means dealing with hard questions such as love, career and the future. Laughs are guaranteed, but if you’re also a crier like me tears will be present. Without spoiling too much, prepare yourself for an unexpected ending.

Bridesmaids – Getting Married

For everyone wanting a calm, beautiful wedding story: run the other way. This film is as much chaotic as it is full of women fighting. However, in the midst of it all it also shows the strong bonds of friendships, and how we can all set our differences aside and become friends. Because there is a lot of differences present here. All of the strong female leads are comically created to show different stereotypes. There’s the eternal single, the rich and perfect wife and the unhappy mother, among others. All of them exaggerated in an attempt to laugh at some of the chaos that life can hit us with.

Bad Moms – Being a Mother

Motherhood. Is there a more scary word out there, because I can’t recall one. In this romantic comedy three mothers who has been trying to do everything right for so long, stops. They stop trying to be the perfect mothers and instead vows to be bad moms. Even if this might not sound like the best encouragement, the film portrays the struggles of motherhood very well. It also makes it evident that not everything has to be perfect – In fact that is impossible. Sit yourself down, watch this film and see the stigma and rules around motherhood unfold.

Mamma Mia – Having the Kids Leave the Nest

Does this film has it all? I would argue yes on that question. To put this blockbuster at the end of a list of life stages is a bit dual. It shows both deciding to get married in a young age, maybe even before you’re ready, but also in later stages of life. Most of all however it shows the close and somehow troubled relationship between an adult daughter and her mother. It can be hard to let go, especially if there are things in your past that has never been talked about. As if this relationship wasn’t enough to put the film on the list, it also contains a lot of singing, dancing and an incredibly important and funny bond between three middle-aged women who has to tackle questions of age, love and career. Watch it, love it and watch it again.   

Published by Clara Fors Wisbyse

- A 22-year-old Swedish journalist student living in Stirling, Scotland. - One of the two founders and editors of the online magazine In Full Bloom

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