Travel Through the Screen with Two Female Youtubers

There’s a pandemic going on, which unfortunately has made Bloom’s travel section a bit deserted during the last couple of months. We’ve tried our best with travel content from the midst of a lockdown, but it’s hard to be innovative when most of us can’t leave our house or apartments.

However, we can still use computers and the Internet to learn more about travelling. Here are two YouTube accounts featuring two very inspiring female travellers as a part of our International Women’s Day inspired articles.

Lexie Limitless

This Youtube channel belongs to Alexis Alford, also known as Lexie Limitless. She holds the Gunnies World Record for being the youngest person who has visited 196 countries before the age of 21. At her channel she talks about everything from her best trips to tips on travelling alone. She always emphasizes the lovely experience of meeting people from all across the world, as well as talking about safety and rules that apply in the countries she has been travelling to.

Maria The Pilot

This Youtuber is mostly featured together with her boyfriend in videos called Mr and Mrs Pilot, but her channel is also used for videos where she talks abut being a female pilot. This is interesting as it takes a completely different view on travelling through the lens of someone who travels daily as a profession. It can also be inspiring and interesting to learn more about the profession and what one can do in the countries she flies to.

Published by Clara Fors Wisbyse

- A 22-year-old Swedish journalist student living in Stirling, Scotland. - One of the two founders and editors of the online magazine In Full Bloom

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