What does it mean to be a woman?

In honour of 2021’s International Women’s Day Bloom decided to set out and ask people about what it means to be a woman. Here are some of the responses we got:

“Being courageous, independent and able to give life.”

“Inequality and pain.”

“To me being a woman is much more than simply gender identity. It’s a compassion for others, an understanding of differences and a gentle reminder that the world is still structured in a way to favour some more than others.”

“Finding your strength and find a voice in a world that has not been built for you.”

“I think for me being a woman is constantly carving a path that both reinforces but also denounces what being a woman is supposed to be. Because to me being a woman is remembering all the women that were women before I was, but also, with that in mind, moving on from that ideal. “

“To me, it’s knowing or seeing. Even if the person next to you is completely different from you or has nothing to do with you, you still see them because you share this thing with them. I know that they will have experienced something that I also will have experienced.”

Published by Clara Fors Wisbyse

- A 22-year-old Swedish journalist student living in Stirling, Scotland. - One of the two founders and editors of the online magazine In Full Bloom

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