Ways to Prepare your Houseplants for Spring

Spring has brought warmer air, fresher days and all-around good feelings, but now it’s time to prepare your houseplants for their growing season. Spring is the best time, and as your houseplants begin to wake up from their ‘hibernation period,’ where growth is short, its time to prepare them for their growing period where you’ll see new leaves, new sprouts, and find the perfect time to repot and think about seeds.

Clean up your plants

I am really bad for this one but get in there and check the base of the plant for any dead leaves, any dodgy growth and remove any bits of stuff that gets stuck in the soil. Pick off any leaves that are looking a bit dead or cut off infected areas so it looks fresh and this will act as a deterrent for any pests.

Take a cloth and dust off the leaves with either a solution of neem oil or plain water to keep the leaves looking fresh. Cleaning your leaves allows your plant to photosynthesise better, so increases your chances of new growth and leaves.

Invest in fertilizer

Now is the time you want to reintroduce fertilizer into your plants, but be warned, choosing a fertilizer that doesn’t promote growth is certain to not promote those new leaves and new growth we are looking for. Personally, I like miracle grow, the only fertilizer I’ve used that will ensure my plants are thriving and loving life. But you’ll also want to use a good quality potting mix in your plants, so that they can drain any excess away to prevent root problems and fungus gnats.

Repot plants that need it and pot cuttings

It’s also time to begin repotting! Repotting your plant gives it the room and support to grow, as when your leaves begin to sprout, so does the roots. To avoid your plant becoming root bound (unless of course they like being root bound) upgrade their pot and they will love you forever.

Normally its best to do this in spring, as you shouldn’t really have been repotting in winter due to the risk of your plant going into shock, so now there isn’t a more perfect time to show your plant some love and maybe a new pot.

Check for bugs

As the weather gets warmer, your bugs become more awake. Those larvae that have been sitting in the cold soil for months will be beginning to hatch, and you want to nip these in the bud before summer comes and your pest situation grows out of control.

Tap the soil to see if you can see any bugs moving and invest in some pest repellents like neem oil and hydrogen peroxide to drench all your plants soil in, before the situation escalates and your clapping every five minutes as another pesky fly dances round your face.

Give them support

Any leaves that are hanging at curiously odd angles? Or maybe your plant is leaning and needs a bit of extra support, now is the time to invest in that support. Your plants will grow at weird, wonderful angles and maybe you wish it was a little more uniform, I feel you on that one. Invest in moss poles, bamboo sticks and give your plant a bit of help.

 You wont want it to flop down and break, especially when new growth spouts and makes the plant heavier. There is no time like spring to make sure your merry plant is happy and comfortable with growing season among us.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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