Places on a Budget: Prague Edition

The world doesn’t always have to be an expense, and when we visited Prague, this was no exception. When I travel, I don’t tend to take masses of money, maybe because I can’t afford to splash out gargantuan £££’s on a trip. Or to give the classy answer, it’s because I don’t tend to fall into tourist traps. So here is a list of free or low budget places to visit in Prague that will make your trip that bit more exciting without breaking the bank.

Visit Prague’s Castle

Now, to enter Prague’s castle will set you back a few pennies, but you can visit the outside and the grounds free of charge. The grounds provide you with insights into the castle’s history, and you can look at the architecture and get some incredible views, even if you don’t actually see the inside. It’s a great place to get some snapshots of the city and peruse the local shops. The walk up is steep, narrow but worth it at the end of the day.

Eat a Chimney Cake for dinner

These things, a Prague delicacy, are incredible, and very moreish. But beware: these things are guaranteed to fill you up to the rim and make you regret wearing those slightly tight jeans that day. I’d recommend buying one for your whole dinner, and make sure you get it stuffed with something equally as delicious like their milk chocolate. Worth every penny and you can find them on any busy street but are best shared in a busy square where you can sit, people watch and indulge.

Find the quirky artwork around the city

Now this one is really fun. Prague is filled with novelty artwork. Want three babies crawling on the floor? No problem! Statues of men peeing? Of course. Man dangling from rooftop? Prague’s got you covered. They are great fun to spot around the city, and you can definitely find them lurking in the distance, just readily waiting to be visited. I recommend planning a route and visiting them all at some point in your stay, because they make great free activities for you and your friends.

Visit Charles Bridge

This one is pretty fun, especially if you’re feeling like a peruse and want a little bit of light shopping. You can find all sorts on the stalls, such as beautiful jewellery, art, books and more. But if you aren’t in the shopping mood, just have a gentle stroll to visit the architecture. The bridge is one of the oldest in the city and is filled with beautiful works of art and many street performances.

Enjoy Gingerbread and lemonade by the Vltava river

Prague is well known for its gingerbread and lemonade, and what better way than to head to one of the small gingerbread shops, pick up some biscuits (and free samples) and of course, some fresh savoury lemonade for a trip down to the waterline. The river is beautiful and filled with life, with swans, and canal boats to watch. It’s great fun to soak up some rays.

Take Pics at the Lennon wall

This is more for the fun and peaceful atmosphere, but head to the graffiti coloured wall and take some beautiful pictures. You can normally find a busker, playing a Beatles track and it’s really peaceful. Whip out a pen, write on the wall about peace and feel the love and energy surrounding this beautiful spot.

Visit the peacocks at Mala Strana Park

The birds and the koi really make this park that bit more perfect. The ponds have beautiful koi dancing in the sun and surrounding you can find peacocks and tropical birds basking in the sunshine. Sit by the ponds edge, watch the fish swim, and find the angelic birds in this once in a lifetime spot. You’ll truly love it and get some fantastic pictures.

Try a Pilsner

One for the over eighteens, but Prague is well known for its ridiculously cheap bear, at only 36p a pint, you have to try Pilsner Urquell, a strong beer with hoppy flavours. Grab a pint, sit outside, and feel the summer radiance, knowing this beer hasn’t broken your bank, and you can enjoy for the day with contentness.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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