The Sustainability Series: Making Your Bathroom More Eco Friendly

 As we’ve talked about before on Bloom, sustainability is pretty much the world’s last-ditch attempt to improve before we face catastrophic consequences. You may sit there and wonder, what could one person do to make a difference? Surely, it’s the government who should be managing environmental health. In a capitalist society, this often is not the case, especially when consumerism is forced down everyone’s throats.

And where we are improving on our environmental regulation, the consumer can also do some things to encourage growth in the sector, and see an improved environmental standard. And so, we’ve introduced ideas into what swaps and changes you can make in your everyday, where you won’t really notice a difference and the environment is saved.

Now, I am not saying that this is not going to be without expense, but you’ll find that most of these products significantly outlive their counterparts. And whenever I think about sustainability, I think of these purchases as being investments. Like you would spend, say, £30 on reusable kitchen towels, but never need to buy their cheaper £2 disposable ones again, so in a lifetime, you’ll find you are actually saving money and the environment, it’s a win-win situation.

But today we are focusing on the bathroom. And where my progress really leaned towards the kitchen when I first started going green, I now thrive using an almost zero-waste routine (curly hair products are very hard to find without a bit of waste.) And with the influx of brands choosing to bring out their eco-friendly alternatives, its almost impossible to say no to making such purchases.

So here are five ways to go a little more green in your bathroom:

  • Start Buying Reusables

This may be something you are completely new to, but start buying reusable products that can be through the wash. So this can be cotton makeup pads, an earbud or even a cloth that takes off your makeup for you without any other products. Making these swaps is guaranteed to save you top dollar, especially since these tend to cheaper compared to other swaps you’d make.

  • Swap out your loo roll

This one is actually pretty interesting, and a great way to make your loo roll stand out from regular Andrex, but brands offer loo roll straight to your door, made with both recycled paper, and a hundred percent recyclable packaging. This means that you’ll never run out, and you save money by purchasing in bulk for the month as the rolls work out cheaper than the supermarket equivalent.

  • Bamboo, bamboo, bamboo

So this one is pretty self-explanatory, but bamboo products are completely biodegradable, meaning you can use them until they die. So if your plastic hairbrush begins to lose its bristles, swap to a bamboo one. You can buy reusable razors made from bamboo that you swap the heads out frp, when needed. And it makes all of your products that much cuter in your bathroom.

  • Bars vs Bottles

Personally, I prefer reusable bottles on this one, but some people swear by shampoo bars. If you have access to a zero-waste shop at your disposal, this one is great for refilling when you are low and the cycle continues. But if you want something quick that you can buy from the shop, Garnier offer a really affordable shampoo and conditioner bar, which is a great starter swap when you want something on the go.

You can do the same for soap too, that you just refill and bring the bottle back, which has been a real gamechanger, but buying normal bars of soap works too. And if you want something again, super easy, Lush offer a range of soaps, jars and recycling schemes. It’s albeit at a bit more of an expense, but still worth it for their ease and environmentally conscious packaging.

  • Don’t forget your teeth

This is one that so many people forget, but you can replace so much of your normal tooth-brushing routine. Simply swap out your toothpaste for toothpaste tabs and your toothbrush for one that is compostable. But again, if your looking for a good swap in your local supermarket, Colgate offer a range of bamboo toothbrushes and a biodegradable packaging and bottle, which is available UK wide at the moment.

There isn’t a better time to be making environmental swaps and as more brands take on environmental policies, we can expect to see the world becoming that bit more sustainable in the future. It just takes one person to make a difference.

Published by Heather Dalgleish

21-year-old journalism student. Author and illustrator for In Full Bloom Magazine

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