Robert Burns’ Famous Supper

Why do they eat haggis, neeps and tatties on Burns Night? When did Robert live? Is Auld Lang Syne the national song of Scotland, or is it Mull of Kintyre? All that and more coming up.

Rome @ Home

Following on from our city breaks article, you might have a hankering for all things Roman. Luckily, those guys didn’t hang about and have left their traces all over Europe. Here’s a few of my quick picks for Rome at Home, places where you can see Roman remains without breaking UK lockdown restrictions.

The Best Post-Lockdown City Breaks

Whilst it’s important to stay home and drive infections down right now, an end is in sight with the rollout of a vaccine in many countries. So what will we do with our newfound freedom when it finally arrives, this spring, summer or the next? Here are 3 of my favourite cities I’ve visited and what I recommend doing there.

How Do Veggie Alternatives Taste On The Dark Side?

It’s not easy to take that big step into giving up meat, fish, dairy or all three. For some, it’s even a health risk. So, we shouldn’t punish ourselves for eating it, even if we feel strongly about the ethics of it all. When my partner went vegetarian 3 and a half years ago, IContinue reading “How Do Veggie Alternatives Taste On The Dark Side?”

Let’s Talk About Sleep

We’ve all been there: all day you were knackered, now it’s 3am and it seems like the perfect time to get that black mould out of the shower head. How can something that seems so simple – just lying down still and closing your eyes – be so difficult for so many people? Actually, there’s a lot of reasons. To celebrate the Int’l Sleep Festival, here’s our top 3 tips to aid sleep habits.