New Year New Me?

Heather Dalgleish talks about new years resolutions and what she is taking into 2021

“I’ve been wanking all night.”

In episode 6 season 1 of sex education popular girl blonde Amee is asked what she wants while having sex. “I’ve never been asked that before” the character recognizes, worried. How are you meant to enjoy sex if you have never figured what you enjoy in the first place? How are women meant to own and enjoy their sexuality if pleasure is always linked to what a guy wants?

Pushing Through the Fog: Dealing with Winter Depression

For many, the holidays are a time of joy. Seasonal Affective Disorder means that for many, this is simply not a possibility. Jasmine Hall runs down some methods of combatting SAD, resources provided in the article if you need some help. We love you here at Bloom x

In Patience, and in Silence, Lies Revolution

Everyone has their place in the world. We all belong somewhere. We all have a voice, and we should all be able to speak up for what we care about. But sometimes, despite good intentions, our actions have consequences we didn’t expect. Maybe sometimes we should let someone else speak. Someone else who has overcomeContinue reading “In Patience, and in Silence, Lies Revolution”

Feminist Perspective on Witchcraft – Why were Women Targeted?

Any history lesson will teach you the basic fact: those accused of witchcraft were predominantly women. Heather Dalgleish dives into the sexism surrounding witchcraft accusations throughout history.