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Mental Health Issues Are Not an Individual Weakness, but Something We Should All Educate Ourselves About

There’s a wariness associated with mental illness. I feel apprehensive about sharing my experience with new people that I meet. But I’ve recently decided to talk more about it. It’s important. And, in sharing my story, I often feel reassured that people can relate. They can clearly see how it happened. But why couldn’t I see it when I was becoming more ill?

How to Cope with Emotional Eating

Your relationship with food can be complex, especially in the context of declining mental health. Heather Dalgleish writes how she learned to combat eating as a response to mental health difficulties. (TW: Eating, Food, Body Image, Counting Calories, Body Dysmorphia)

Why Don’t We Believe Women?

In her debut for In Full Bloom, Ellen Mae Page captures the mood of the moment in asking why women aren’t allowed to feel safe in public spaces in society or believed in the public eye.

International Women’s Day – In Celebration of Emily Hobhouse

As part of our series honouring International Women’s Day we thought it prescient to bring attention to the British welfare campaigner Emily Hobhouse. Throughout her life, Hobhouse was committed to combatting injustice and wasn’t afraid to bring public attention to the failures of a mighty British imperial government at the turn of the 20th century.

The Silent Killer

We lose around 450 people to cancer every day. Elaine Dalgleish has experienced this first hand and wrote this poignant piece encouraging women with potential symptoms of ovarian cancer to visit their doctor after losing her own mother to this often symptomless illness.

Why Does Diet Culture Target Women?

I don’t know a single girl who hasn’t had a toxic relationship with their mothers and dieting. For as long as I can remember, my mum has talked all things diet, from working out, to getting slim for summer, to eating nothing but protein for weeks at a time.

A Reflection on Love

Jasmine Hall writes on her personal experiences of love and what she has learnt from her years of dating.

A Very Eco Valentines

Valentines day doesn’t have to be expensive or bad for the environment, Heather Dalgleish talks about getting eco with your valentines gifts this year

Liquid Relationships

Love is complicated, hard and sometimes belongs in the trash, and Laura Menendez writes on her feelings on how love can conquer all, if you give it a go that is…

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