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Rex Orange County – A Modern McCartney?

Few artists capture the imagination like Rex Orange County. Despite relatively little chart success, he is revered by critics, fans and other artists as a strikingly adept musician with a refreshingly new, genre-transcending approach to songwriting. Jonathan Tonge explains why he believes people will remember him for years to come.

5 Sports For The Non-Sporty

Exercising can be hard when your not a sporty person, especially if you also aren’t big fans of conventional sports. Jonathan Tonge offers 5 sports for those who aren’t that sporty

Classic TV You Probably Forgot About

I’m 22 now and my earliest memories are tape decks, VHS videos, having one computer for the house with a giant monitor that weighed more than a bus and those TVs with the big fat backs. I’m not old by any stretch but if I ever accidentally switch over to a kids’ TV channel now, I’m left wondering where it all went wrong…

The Happy Singleton is a Lie.

As the final part of our valentines series, Anne Stoop writes her experiences of the media, societies standards and discovering how to be a happy singleton.

Jackson: A Screenplay

As the tenth part of our valentines series, Imogen Robinson presents Jackson, a screenplay about love, life and cheating

Should We Be Eating Seasonally?

With the ebb and flow of the Earth’s seasons, the flux between rainfall in Spring to frost in Winter and the Summer sun, farmers are able to harvest respective foods that rely on the seasonal climates to grow and thrive. Niamh Heron talks why you should eat seasonally and the benefits from this.

Solo Dates

St Valentine isn’t the patron saint of finding the first person on the street and shacking up for the Valentine’s season. Sure, true companionship is wonderful, but as many extremely cliché movies will tell you – you can’t really love anything until you learn to love yourself.

A Million Love Songs Later

For as long as music has existed, people have used it to pay tribute to love. It’s a deep, personal way to communicate your feelings and to do it expertly requires either a massive stroke of luck or very large reserves of songwriting expertise. There are millions out there, but which one takes the biscuit as the best? It’s impossible to say with so much choice, so here’s five of my favourites (in no particular order!)

Sea Shanties – Who Were The Wellermen?

Shanties have enjoyed something of a renaissance of late, so surely we should investigate exactly why it is they fell out of favour in the first place. It’s a relatively simple story and it has to do with a few things, but it’s mainly the fact that time moved on while they stood still.

January Jams

The new year brings new shots at finding new artists, new music and discovering music that you will love. My new years resolution was to listen to more female artists, mainly because most of the music I am recommended by Spotify is definitely male dominated. So my current playlist is female with a sprinkle of male and in all honesty, I’m loving it. It means I’ve definitely discovered new artists that add a whole lot of flair, sass and excitement, that bring my January playlist up to fantastic standard for the new year.

On This Day In History

The days are bleeding together a little here in a still-locked-down 2021, so for today’s article, let’s consult the January 19ths of history to see if anything a little more interesting happened.

The Sustainability Series: Period Products

Period Products are one of the biggest contributors to waste in the world, with an estimated 1.5-2 billion tonnes of period waste each year. So, let’s bring the sustainability series into the new year than with ways of making your period sustainable. We’ll be talking you through both Menstrual cups and reusable sanitary pads, so you’ll have two ideas in place for making your period that bit more sustainable.

My Dream Plant List

Plants are a big part of my household – what better way to finish off houseplant awareness week this 2021 than give a list of my dream plants that I could only wish to own one day?

20.00 is Very Early for a Christmas Dinner if you Ask Me.

Six strangers are sitting in the same room. They could be the most bizarre compilation of human beings. There is no apparent reason why they should be together. But there is one thing they have in common. They all share the burden, or the blessing, of spending Christmas far away from home.

House Plant 101: Advice on How to Care for Your Houseplants

So you’ve taken the plunge and gone full crazy plant parent and now have a micro-army growing in your house. I started with a reasonable amount of plants too, and my addiction came into such full force that I found myself learning on the job. But over 50 plants later, I like to think that I now have some knowledge to share on how to be a successful plant grower in just a few easy steps.

Curse Of the Twelfth Night

While most of the celebrating are over by January, the ‘Twelfth Night’ of Christmas is actually the 5th of January. Find out why it’s unlucky to leave your decorations up any longer…

Let’s Talk About Sleep

We’ve all been there: all day you were knackered, now it’s 3am and it seems like the perfect time to get that black mould out of the shower head. How can something that seems so simple – just lying down still and closing your eyes – be so difficult for so many people? Actually, there’s a lot of reasons. To celebrate the Int’l Sleep Festival, here’s our top 3 tips to aid sleep habits.

Kirsty MacColl: Not Just The Girl From Fairytale Of New York

Every time ‘Fairytale Of New York’ rolls around, someone pipes up with that classic Kirsty MacColl comment. However, she had a hugely interesting and eclectic career in her own right, exerting influence on some of the biggest names in indie rock. Jonathan Tonge looks at her career in depth. TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains reference to the homophobic slur in the aforementioned song.

Winter Solstice: The Eighth Sabbat in Wicca Tradition

Made legal in 1951, witchcraft has a long and complicated history that ranges from the patriarchal deeming of subversive women as committing a crime punishable by death; to the fool proof Halloween character that musters up images of pointy hats, broomsticks and cobwebs; to the contemporary practise of Gardnerian Wicca, who’s witchcraft centres around the practise of magic, worship of Goddesses and other Deities; and respecting nature’s cycles.

The Pandemic, Enola Holmes and Me

Clara Fors Wisbyse with a great review of the Netflix special ‘Enola Holmes,’ the feminist retelling of the quintessential detective story, and the important lessons on loneliness it can teach us.

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