How Women Can Inspire More Change in the World…

As Women’s History month comes to a close, I personally have found this month more educational then usual when it comes to Women. But ironically, it wasn’t the history side of things I’ve been educating myself on. It’s what women can do for the future.

The Spring Equinox – What Is It and How Can you Celebrate?

Today is the spring equinox, and where many of us have been feeling the official spring air well before today, today marks that spring has officially sprung in all its glory. But what is this day and how can you celebrate?

Should We Be Eating Seasonally?

With the ebb and flow of the Earth’s seasons, the flux between rainfall in Spring to frost in Winter and the Summer sun, farmers are able to harvest respective foods that rely on the seasonal climates to grow and thrive. Niamh Heron talks why you should eat seasonally and the benefits from this.