Top 5 Songs To Say I’m Sorry

Plenty of songwriters have had a crack at it, and here are some of my favourite songs that fit the bill – the best songs to really demonstrate the veracity of an apology!

Rex Orange County – A Modern McCartney?

Few artists capture the imagination like Rex Orange County. Despite relatively little chart success, he is revered by critics, fans and other artists as a strikingly adept musician with a refreshingly new, genre-transcending approach to songwriting. Jonathan Tonge explains why he believes people will remember him for years to come.

January Jams

The new year brings new shots at finding new artists, new music and discovering music that you will love. My new years resolution was to listen to more female artists, mainly because most of the music I am recommended by Spotify is definitely male dominated. So my current playlist is female with a sprinkle of male and in all honesty, I’m loving it. It means I’ve definitely discovered new artists that add a whole lot of flair, sass and excitement, that bring my January playlist up to fantastic standard for the new year.

Kirsty MacColl: Not Just The Girl From Fairytale Of New York

Every time ‘Fairytale Of New York’ rolls around, someone pipes up with that classic Kirsty MacColl comment. However, she had a hugely interesting and eclectic career in her own right, exerting influence on some of the biggest names in indie rock. Jonathan Tonge looks at her career in depth. TRIGGER WARNING: This article contains reference to the homophobic slur in the aforementioned song.