Why Don’t We Believe Women?

In her debut for In Full Bloom, Ellen Mae Page captures the mood of the moment in asking why women aren’t allowed to feel safe in public spaces in society or believed in the public eye.

Don’t Wish Me A Happy Women’s Day

Every year in the beginning of March, the ads and emails starts to roll in like an unbearable wave, destined to meet the shore. There are emails from companies who want to wish me a happy women’s day or congratulate me on being a woman, and influencers on social media who promotes products for womenContinue reading “Don’t Wish Me A Happy Women’s Day”

The Engine that Makes the World Move

Washing the dishes takes up a lot of time if you’re going to be a genius. There are multiple explanations to why women have been forgotten throughout history. There are plenty of systematic procedures that forget women when their achievements look like they don’t belong to them. Women inhabit a society that is not builtContinue reading “The Engine that Makes the World Move”

Let Female Film Roles Guide You Through Life

Let’s use the next movie night to watch female leads walk through stages of life! Here’s a guide on five romantic comedies to help you laugh, cry and sometimes even sing yourself through some of life’s twists and turns that one can encounter. Pitch Perfect – College The dream world of college can quickly beContinue reading “Let Female Film Roles Guide You Through Life”

To the women of the world

In a time of standstill, let’s take a moment to celebrate the progress of women. The women of the past, the women of the present and the women of the future – let’s celebrate the women of the world. Corona has been a subtle reminder of the victories fought for and won by the womenContinue reading “To the women of the world”