How to Cope with Emotional Eating

Your relationship with food can be complex, especially in the context of declining mental health. Heather Dalgleish writes how she learned to combat eating as a response to mental health difficulties. (TW: Eating, Food, Body Image, Counting Calories, Body Dysmorphia)

Things To Do Before Lockdown’s Over

The UK has seemingly been in lockdown for ever, and with new dates of freedom on the horizon, Heather Dalgleish thinks everyone is ready for some time out of the house. But whilst we are still kept indoors and maybe aren’t feeling our best, it’s time more than ever to work on ourselves and get us to be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

Ella Greenwood – Bloom’s Interview with a young British filmmaker

Recently, Bloom had a fantastic opportunity to interview the amazing British filmmaker Ella Greenwood. At just 19, her short Faulty Roots is currently in development as a feature film. We spoke to her to discuss her journey from acting to making the films!