The Valentine’s Series

Our issues may only be quarterly here at Bloom; our seasons are anything but. Whilst we prepare for the release of Issue #3 in Spring, we’re bringing you special Valentine’s articles for every day leading up to the 14th. Here is the page where you can view them all at your leisure!

Valentines is an Ugly Word

Heather Dalgleish presents why you should think of valentines day in a different way

The Happy Singleton is a Lie.

As the final part of our valentines series, Anne Stoop writes her experiences of the media, societies standards and discovering how to be a happy singleton.

A Reflection on Love

Jasmine Hall writes on her personal experiences of love and what she has learnt from her years of dating.

Jackson: A Screenplay

As the tenth part of our valentines series, Imogen Robinson presents Jackson, a screenplay about love, life and cheating

Should We Be Eating Seasonally?

With the ebb and flow of the Earth’s seasons, the flux between rainfall in Spring to frost in Winter and the Summer sun, farmers are able to harvest respective foods that rely on the seasonal climates to grow and thrive. Niamh Heron talks why you should eat seasonally and the benefits from this.

Solo Dates

St Valentine isn’t the patron saint of finding the first person on the street and shacking up for the Valentine’s season. Sure, true companionship is wonderful, but as many extremely cliché movies will tell you – you can’t really love anything until you learn to love yourself.

A Very Eco Valentines

Valentines day doesn’t have to be expensive or bad for the environment, Heather Dalgleish talks about getting eco with your valentines gifts this year

Liquid Relationships

Love is complicated, hard and sometimes belongs in the trash, and Laura Menendez writes on her feelings on how love can conquer all, if you give it a go that is…

A Million Love Songs Later

For as long as music has existed, people have used it to pay tribute to love. It’s a deep, personal way to communicate your feelings and to do it expertly requires either a massive stroke of luck or very large reserves of songwriting expertise. There are millions out there, but which one takes the biscuit as the best? It’s impossible to say with so much choice, so here’s five of my favourites (in no particular order!)

Edward the 2nd: England’s First Gay King

As it’s LGBTQ history month, what better way to commence the series than with a fact that maybe not all of you are aware of, Edward II’s sexuality. He was king from 1307-1327, and though he did marry a woman, marriages during this time often occurred for political reasons rather than bride and groom falling in love.

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