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5 MORE UK Staycations to enjoy after lockdown

With the end of the latestt lockdown just about in sight, Jonathan Tonge wrote about 5 more destinations for a UK holiday whilst international travel is still difficult during the summer.

Car Camping

with (hopefully) staycations on the way and hotels looking likely to be booked up as soon as they’re available, I hope this guide gives you a little insight into an alternative method of holidaying that’s great for a night or two away if you aren’t the biggest camping fan.

Rome @ Home

Following on from our city breaks article, you might have a hankering for all things Roman. Luckily, those guys didn’t hang about and have left their traces all over Europe. Here’s a few of my quick picks for Rome at Home, places where you can see Roman remains without breaking UK lockdown restrictions.

The Best Post-Lockdown City Breaks

Whilst it’s important to stay home and drive infections down right now, an end is in sight with the rollout of a vaccine in many countries. So what will we do with our newfound freedom when it finally arrives, this spring, summer or the next? Here are 3 of my favourite cities I’ve visited and what I recommend doing there.

Above The Clouds

Though travel is impossible right now, Aine Donnellan and Nela Cadi managed a quick jaunt from their Stirling base to the Ochil Hills in Dollar, Clackmannanshire before Scottish lockdown intensified. Read the beautiful story of their day here.

Safe Travels, Dear

We’ll travel again – when it’s safe to do so. When we’re sure to get some means of transport back. When an awfully long quarantine period isn’t awaiting. We’ll certainly go when it’s safe to do so, but then maybe we can rethink our classic travel destinations.

India Is…

I arrived at New Delhi Airport around noon. The taxi-driver saw the ‘newly-arrived-look’ in my apprehensive eyes and instantly tried to swindle me. Having already looked up the local prices for taxi-rides, I knew how to play his game…

You Live And You Learn: My Time In Barcelona

It was the 21st of December. The sun was shining over the busy street that I was walking down in my light spring coat. It was the first time I’ve lived somewhere where I could wear my favourite clothes in December and still be warm and happy.

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